A short flight with Astrojet American

Good evening(from my country) IFC!

Today I have decided to do a short flight with the Astrojet American Airlines 737-800 as it has been a while since I used the livery and aircraft for any flight.

Flight details
American Airlines(Astrojet livery)
Flight number:AA9251
Flight time:1hr14min
Training server
Here are the photos and some descriptions:

In San Francisco preparing the flight.

Holding short of the runway while doing some final checks before takeoff.

After takeoff, climbing to cruise while the sun rises.

During cruise.

After an uneventful descent, turning to base.

Reverse thrust out after a (kind of) hard landing.

At the gate in Los Angeles.

Terminal view.

This is my first Screenshots and Videos topic. I would like to apologise if I made any mistakes.


Looks awesome!! Great job 👏!


Nice Job Dude! Soon you will be a natural!

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Thank you very much!

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I love the 5th photo but they ALL where amazing!

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