A short flight from Oslo to Copenhagen

Oslo 🇳🇴 to Copenhagen 🇩🇰

It’s been a long time since i flew a CRJ, so i decided to use it for a short hop from Oslo to Copenhagen. Normally i suck at taking off and landing the CRJ but i today’s flight went well! There were many incoming arrivals at Copenhagen which was really nice to see. So here are the Pics!

Flight Details-
Server: Expert
Flight time: 51mins
Route: ENGM to EKCH
Cruising altitude: FL310
Cruising speed: Mach 0.78
Aircraft: CRJ-900
Airlines: SAS

Preparing for pushback

CRJ-900 vs A330

Blasting out of Oslo

Climbing to FL310

Descending into Cophenhagen

Flying under a KLM ERJ-190 (2000ft seperation)

Final Runway 22L

A landing which i’m happy with (-150fpm)

Taxiing to parking while the Queen is about to touchdown

Parked at the gate

Hope you liked it 😊


Good traffic at these two airports today. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!


Thank you :D

Some amazing pictures, good work!!

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Nice pictures! I was the A330 behind you coming in from Tokyo!
Amazing shots!

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Thank you @TransportForLife and @Ubaid1 :)


Great Photos!

If I remember correctly I was controlling Centre when I spotted you!

Hope you enjoyed your route, the photos definitely look like you did.


I did enjoy the flight 😊

Thank you so much!

Nice photos!
Always love to see scandinavia getting some flights here

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Thank you!

Nice pics @applepro243
That’s me Norwegian 787😎

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Thank you 😊

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Beautiful photos - the CRJ deserves more love!

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Thank you :)

Great photos!! 🤩

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Thank you!

Wow, nice flight and pictures! Btw, where can you see your FPM?

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Thank you :D

I use an app called In-flight operations. It creates a PIREP of your flight so you can see your landing VS