A Short cut Passing traffic

I wanted to fly back to AMS After doing AMS-MRN-GRO-STN Flight in that morning and I’m sure it will be packed by luckily I was switched to RWY 6 which is just getting starting instead of the RWY 18s which had a big line of planes and atleast my flight time was less than 1 hour


Airbus a320-200

Moonshot takeoff

Good morning Europe

Contacted AMS Radar and I kinda overshot the approach altitude into the RWY 18s

Finally contacted approach after being in FL110 and was switched to RWY 6 getting away to busy traffic

Here’s another moonshot

Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh somehow replayed kinda did something with the Comair 738


Someone didn’t put their phone on airplane mode…

Great photos @GameBoy_KIRB, nice job on the landing lights!


Thanks a lot I used Lens distortion for those

Parents be like


The shots look really good btw, specially the takeoff moonshot


Great shots! Keep it up!!! Love that easy orange!

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Nice pics! My favorite is the last one… or maybe the second to last, for if any reason the last one isn’t realistic.
Also… what was your callsign?

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@Pablo_CG yes sirr

@Skydriver900 Yea the new Easyjet livery is lit

@Mr-plane-guy1 I was Easyjet 2333 on that day and yea I went to the wrong gate section and thought it was gate H

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