A sharp increase in VA’s

Has anyone else noticed a sharp increase in VA’s… like in the last few weeks?

I am all for a “free market” but I worry about the saturation of members…

I don’t want VA’s who put their time and money into it to fall out due to low member density.


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The IFVARB has seen a large increase in the number of VAs applying since global. The fact that we now have the whole world in our hands means that people want VAs!


The world is a bigger place now and new VA’s can pop up and not step on the toes of others. The IFVARB is keeping an eye on things to make sure that it goes smoothly.


Surely there are more than enough players to fill these VAs. The forum alone has 42k+ users, it’s insane!


Off of what @mtjacob said, with more users, comes more ideas for a VA.

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I’d say less than 10k maybe less than 5k are active.

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Still a lot of people…

Current Site Statistics



This also includes VAs that have been operating, but have a new thread because thing have changed, particularly in routes.

I think the current strategy of VA’s is not that good. IMO, I think there should be VA’s based on similar timezones. Like I am in the GMT +3 timezone so it’s hard to attend a lot of the scheduled VA events, since most of their CEO’s are based in the US which have timezones like GMT -6 (Central) or GMT -8 (Pacific)

After submitting Embark Airlines, I’ve noticed that it is becoming increasingly hard to recruit members. I suppose that the IFVARB should remove all inactive VAs


I think the IFVARB should require VA’s to submit activity reports.

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If you have any specific comments, please direct this to the IFVARB directly. They will inform us of anything if needed. Please keep this category for VA dedicated threads only. Thanks!