A Series of Unfortunate Events, Flying Inverted

G’day all, so today we continue my series of unfortunate events with flying inverted. If you haven’t already been able to tell I have started a series of unfortunate events. So enjoy this remix of my picture I took all the way back in April 2019. You might be wondering how I have time to fit flights in and managing to make such wonderful edits, well I have a big backlog of pictures from April 2019 so… so the original picture can be found here

image Los Angles (KLAX) to Los Angles (KLAX)

image Northwest Airlines Embraer E190

image Pretty sure it was Noon

image Casual Server

If you want to use my picture for a post, YouTube thumbnail, Instagram post, etc please PM me.


Houston, we have a problem


Not gonna lie, this is actually a really neat post. Good work.


Looks very cool ! @Qantas094 👍🏽👍🏽

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Thanks mate, I put a lot of time into making these shorts of posts.

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Looks really amazing! Have you used Photoshop?

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Not for this edit.

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Looks amazing! I need to learn how to do this, please PM me.