A section to take notes in or set reminders

Background: When flying, pilots have a lot of things that they need to track. In real life, they have checklists to assist them and to ensure that nothing is forgotten. In Infinite Flight, checklists can be pulled up on the community forum or a third-party app. This, however, not only requires a second device but also hard to look at during the final approach and landing.

Proposition: By adding a section for notes or reminders on the HUD or on the map, pilots could write down important information that could make their flight more realistic, such as checklists, flap settings, procedures, etc.

Rough concept (by me)

Final Thoughts: By having this feature in the game, pilots could improve their flying skills, as they could write down important items that come in crucial while flying. Not only that, but this could be a small, unique feature that could vastly improve the Infinite Flight experience.

It is a good idea but I think the notes section would be best fitted in the pause menu so it doesn’t cover the screen when flying since there is already other content on screen. Wouldn’t mind this tbh.

I’d really love start up checklists, or just checklists in general. That’d be super cool. This could be a customizable workaround for that but I’m not sure how it would be implemented. Would typing be the best method or draw with your finger, or both?

This would be a neat feature, I would vote but I currently don’t have any available

I feel like both can be accepted, especially with the new feature in iPadOS 14 where handwriting from the Apple Pencil are converted to text

Yeah, I think it should pop out like the systems/autopilot, or be on the map menu.

There could be a third (or second in solo) button next to the map and ATC comms for the notes and it would be like a paper and pencil thing.

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