A Sea of Waves

Hello, IFC!

Do you know what the ocean said when it saw land for the first time?
Nothing, it just waved.

Here are a few pictures taken at LFPL recently, I hope you like them!
Although these aren’t the best pictures of the session, they are a collection of all the times someone waved at me from inside a plane. For security reasons, I will not be including all the pictures of airport police waving at me to stop taking pictures.

All people who did not acknowledge me (wave, talk, etc) have had their faces blurred for privacy reasons :)

First are these absolute legends who not only waved, but also did a peace sign and a little dance for me!

Next up are these two people. The right-seater waved at me, but it looks like they are blocking their face in the picture unfortunately

Next up is this happy instructor!

And this guy who seems to be having a good day :)

This FI gave me the index finger and then waved at me. The index finger is not a symbol I know, but here it is :)

Another happy instructor in an Aquila. This one looks like it just came back from a soft field, judging from the tail and gear.

Thanks for having a look, and expect more topics soon!

And thank you to all of those who wave at planespotters!



You have not heard of pointing?

Just kidding, great pictures.


I get your point but no :P

Thank you!


great shots 👍

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Thank you!

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best ga planes in a spotting topic

nice pics


Thank you very much!

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