A Scenic Saturday Sunday Funday Vibes Flight

Almaty to Phuket 🇰🇿 - 🇹🇭

Insert interesting greeting here Wow, try to say that title 5 times fast, just kidding don’t, it’s not that hard and you’ll just sound like an idiot. Last night I was looking for some random, but scenic 757 routes that I could fly. I didn’t have any ideas until I stumbled on Almaty to Male (just kidding, i looked it up). I saw it in Misha’s top 5 757 routes (here) and I liked everything about the flight, the livery, the airport, all of it. I was settled on waking up at 1 AM to fly the route, the sleeping again until it was time to wake up. But then, right when I was about to go to bed I decided I wouldn’t fly to Male in the Maldives, I wanted to fly to Phuket in Thailand from Almaty, because Phuket, why not. I admittedly don’t do much flying outside of North America, parts of Europe and Oceania, but after doing this flight I am willing to admit that I need to explore more parts of the world. I used the Sunday Airlines 757 on this flight which is now one of my favorite liveries in the game. Everything about it is just amazing, except for the small basic “Sunday Airlines” font at the front of the plane. It looks like they put about as much effort into that font as I did on my English paper that was due the day we went on Winter break. Flight time was 6 hours and 3 minutes.

Flight Details

Almaty, Kazakhstan to Phuket, Thailand
Boeing 757-200 • Sunday Airlines
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Never have I flown in or out of Almaty but the views of the surrounding mountains were already stunning at the gate

Gonna be flying the 757 way more often with how fun it is to blast into the sky at 5,000 feet per minute

Give this route a chance and the views are amazing right away as we climb to 35,000 feet

You never get tired of mountainous views like this as we fly over the Chinese city of Ili

Up above the brown deserts of China as we make our way South toward Thailand

Never going to underestimate the scenery of places I haven’t been to as we cruise toward Phuket in the late afternoon

Gonna fly this approach many more times as the lush jungles of Thailand create for amazing scenery as we descend toward the tourist capital of the country

Let the scenery blow you away on this flight as we approach the airport 500 feet from touchdown

You may never see a cooler livery than this Sunday 757, and it is definitely fun to fly

Down on the runway in Phuket with the least buttery -53 I’ve ever seen!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

The answer to the last question was Long Spear which only 11% got correct!

Kazakhstan is the largest country in the world that _____

  • Does not have internet connection
  • Is Landlocked
  • Does not have an army
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There’s also a fun little message if you read the first word of every photo’s description from first to last 😉


Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down


Nice Photos!

I’m almost done with the photos for our next topic

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I am hoping to god that the 6 people that voted in the poll that ‘Kazakhstan is the largest country in the world that does not have an internet connection’ are not being serious, otherwise I severely worry for you lot


I see you are trying to Rick Roll us that was a good one

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@Philippe_Gilbert never gonna run around or dessert you

@MJP_27 thank you Mason!

@Igor_M yeah I’m surprised at the amount of people that have chosen that lol

@CaptainAli_yt I thought it was creative 😂

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Very cool one! ;)

Also some really nice pictures of an area of the world I only rarely venture into. Almaty looks stunning and your pictures as always showcase the B757 and the scenery extremely well. Thanks for sharing!

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Anyways, great photos


Awesome photos!

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Everyone else: Just wants to see cool plane photos.

NoahM: R I C K R O L L

Lol, awesome photos Noah!

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Thank you Julian! It’s an area of the world I literally never fly through but it’s definitely worth exploring after this flight!

@Aviation2929 thank you, sincerely, Mr Rick Astley

@Kstate thank you! :D

@Butter_Boi it’s part of my DNA, and that will never change