A scenic flight if you like a medium - long haul

If you like the new scenery (which all of you do) around Singapore, Indonesia and Australia combined, then this flight is for you, clocking in at almost 5hrs, it’s one of my favourite ones, departure is amazing (I departed 20C) out over the sea, and start cruising around 120nm later at FL390 and heading right over Indonesia which looks absolutely stunning now. Once you pass Indonesia, you’re over the ocean for the next 2 and a half hrs until you arrive over the lovely coastline of Western Australia, about 120nm west of Learmonth and you can enjoy this until descent, I started my descent at around 170nm out using -1,500ft/m and made 2 left turns to make an approach for 03 at Perth (YPPH)

Server: Expert
Route: WSSS - YPPH
Flight Time: 4hrs 35mins


Like the second one, nice pics.


Thank you!

Second one is nice, keep it up.

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