A scenic flight from Vancouver to Calgary

1) Background to the photos
I have always loved the Canadian wilderness, and today’s featured region also includes Canada, so that even adds more fun flying there. I didn’t want a very long route, so I chose Vancouver to Calgary because there would be a lot of mountains on this route. Also Westjet has a hub in Calgary and they are one of my favorite airlines.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Call sign: Westjet 1250
Server: expert
Flight time: 01:20hrs
3) Photos



Nice on mate 👌

I love those mountains!

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Thanks! :)

Looks like a fun flight, I hope you enjoyed it!

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That looks amazing! Keep it up!

Thank you. I will keep it up, but my subscription is most likely to expire soon. :(

Beautiful pictures, especially the shot of plane flying over the mountain.

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A man of culture.

Good job men