A Scandi Flick

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Second picture is edited after I changed it to evening time.
People who have watched The Grand Tour will recognise the title. It’s a good TV show if your a car enthusiast.

A flight with @MatsVerhoelst from LGAV - EKCH - ENBR
This was taken on our descent of our second flight into Bergen after 4 hours or so of flying and a 20 min break in Copenhagen using two of Scandinavias well known airlines.
It was a pleasure flying with you @MatsVerhoelst can’t wait to do another one soon


Great shots, and I love the title!


Nice shots and interesting concept!

Why do I have an association of your state @Harrison_S with Scandinavia I wondered. I saw that one fifth of the population has Norwegian heritage(?) Any Scandinavian airlines fly to North Dakota I wondered…before reality hit. The population is only .23% of the US population (always wanted to go there).

Aw I was expecting an actual scandi flick with a plane


Nice pics! I am eagerly waiting on the Scandinavian A320Neo and the Norwegian 737MAX arrive so we can make more pictures like this!

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Same I can’t wait until they come

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Aw sorry. I need to ask Jeremy Clarkson on how to do a scandi flick then I’ll see with a plane later 👍

Yeah we certainly have a lot of Scandinavians here, particularly Norwegians like you said (I myself am Swedish). But never in a million years do I see any Scandinavian airlines, or even any international ones for that matter, fly to ND considering our largest city is only 250,000 people in the metro.

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im gonna try doing that soon

I’ve done it with the F14 ages ago when I was messing with it on solo. Just mess with the rudder a bit and I will imagine it’ll work

Thanks! Have you seen the Grand Tour with the same name? Funny tv show on Amazon Prime

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Oh yeah I’m a huge GT fan

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