A Satisfying Flight

So, I was taking a few end of flight screenshots…

I ended my flight, went to my logbook to take a photo of it (for VA purposes) and realized this!

Exactly 11 hours!
Just though i’d share this with you guys :)


That’s a very beautiful precision. Now you’ve made me curious too about if I ever have done that before… hmmm. Time to check. Btw hope you had a safe flight ✈️


Yes, it was a very scenic flight through Germany! I ate a delicious steak, shrimp and mashed potato supper with a slice of chocolate cake, watched the scenery, and then slept. Very enjoyable, comfortable, and safe. Plus, I buttered greased that landing

Next Step:
Try to get flight time of 11:11 and/or 12:34 😉

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