A Sad Reminder of Ansett Australia

Found this on of my parent’s travel bags… so sad 🙁

Will Ansett ever come back?

⬆️ Skip to 1 minute to see the start of modern jet operation of Ansett Airlines in 1964


Thanks @dush19, forgot that


I hope they come back but probably not anytime soon or never as it’s hard to start from scratch again …


Wow… I flew on Ansett not long after I was born, and not long before they collapsed. One day when I’m rich my dream is to create Ansett Mk3. Haha


I don’t think it will :(


Agreed but if only Qantas would have repainted one of their 747-400 in the Ansett livery as a retro livery


Retro liveries are old liveries from the SAME airline. But maybe as a tribute to Ansett, I think that would be cool.

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Airline don’t usually come back from the dead and if they do, they either never actually operate or go on to make money/stay in business for long.

Fromtier and National are exceptions to this norm.

Piedmont and PSA have been resurrected but are merely puppet airlines used and owned by American Eagle for regional flights.

Eastern has been resurrected close to its original form but it’s too early to tell how it will do. It is reportedly doing well so far so hopefully they keep it up


Eastern did it!
All you need is someone willing to but the name + Someone who could risk investments into planes, pilots, and amenities.

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You’d rather create your own airline than bring back Another airline
back from the dead if you wanna invest in aircrafts and pilots eg …

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Just added a video ⬆️