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How January 13th was the saddest day in Lithuanian history:

On Wednesday, January 9th, 1991, 6 armoured cars sorrounded the television tower, in which Lithuanian radio and TV programmes were broadcasting. Much more Russian military took to the streets of Vilnius, Kaunas and other cities of our recently independant country. Not abiding driving rules, aggression and hate led to injuring of our innocent and defenseless people, by Russian soldiers.

Thursday, the 10th of January, 10 o’clock, Vilnius airport started a strike against the current parlament. It became clear as other institutions also initiated, that this was a well thought-out political campaign led by the soviets. Later that day, the government recieved an ultimatum sent by the leader of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. Military action intensified, our security department was taken, trains were stopped, but the people came out to support the government, their country. Singing, helping the stranded travellers, gathering in important places, they stood with will.

On Friday, the military advanced to the press building. Once again, defenseless people were trying to protect it. Some were injured.

Saturday, January 12th, the police headquarters were taken. The military took weapons and disgraceful traitors from the police were turning against the peaceful and innocent people in the neighbourhood. In Vilnius centre, people were gathered, they were protecting the important buildings, singing songs. The people who lived nearby were bringing out hot tea to support everyone who needed it. And they stood firmly, as the night of January 13th approached.

Around 2 AM, the soviet military progressed towards the TV tower, where they were met by defenseless patriots, protecting the way, which informed the country. Machine guns shook the people, tanks were firing and some were left injured, perhaps dead. Around the same time, the military sorrounded the radio and television buildings. People in the top council and volunteers were ready to fight and protect themselves if needed. Vytautas Landsbergis delivered an impovering speech from the parlament, which was brodcasted over our nation. Barricades were built around the parlament. People stood on through the night. Hundreds were injured. 15 were killed.

Watch this video, it sums everything up pretty neatly. Please note, that there is blood and severe injuries.

Condolences to the injured, killed and the families of those. Respect to the people that came out to support us.

Thank You.


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