A round Around Series - #1 - Middle East @ OJAI - 201600ZOCT17

Server: Casual

Region: Middle East

Airport: OJAI

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: I would like to introduce this series 1 time per 2 weeks where I will take you to a special place starting from the Middle East
Plan: We will start out from OJAI, we will take off runway 26L to climd to 4700ft, where we will fly to the Dead Sea (Lowest point on Earth), Do a low pass by, then climb to 7000ft to do a touch and go at OJAQ (Aqaba Airport) then another low fly by at Aqaba.
Then we do a 180 over the Red Sea, we will fly over Israel, we will fly all the way to LLBG. where we will do another touch and go, then a Low fly by over Jerusalem, then we head over to Lebanon.
We will circulate over the mountains there, then do a touch and go at Rafiq Al-Hariri Airport.
Our last leg will be to Syria, where we will fly to Damascus and land there.

Aircraft type: If you can fly fighters Slowly, you are welcome to fly a fighter, Otherwise you either choose CCX, or An A320 Family.

Parking Maniging: I will post here tomorrow the Parkings and Gates at OJAI, so if you are interested please join and enjoy.

Lastly, Please spwan 20 minutes before the event, a screenshot will be fantastic!

See you! And Clear Landings!

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No one is interested?

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