A Review of my Trip With Frontier Airlines/And One "Smashing" Landing

Hey guys, most of you should know by now that I am a huge Frontier airlines fanatic. But what you don’t know, is that my trip to and from Houstan the other day was far from normal. Below are a step by step series of events that led to making this the most memorable trip I have ever flown. Enjoy!

A Frontier Airlines Review KDEN-KIAH / KIAH-KDEN

Let me start off by saying that this was my last trip before college hits, and as such, I was intent upon making it the most memorable. Please apologize the essay style writing you are about to witness…but it will get very thrilling.
I boarded my flight at 6:12am and we departed exactly on time.

It was a completely full flit so things got a bit hectic as everyone found their place and stowed luggage. By the time we pushed back and took off, we were set to arrive into KIAH 17 minutes early.
During the flight, I examined the seats and the tray tables (which many dislike but I personally find it just fitting for me)

The FAs and pilots were outstanding in hospitality. It was a mostly guy crew (one female FO and one female FA) so lots of jokes were made.
They kept the pax happy and upbeat even as we went through turbulence and some pax decided to get up and move about.
Upon landing, the foremost male crew member came over the PA and said the following:
“Folks it our pleasure to be the first to welcome you to Dallas Fort Worth…But since we can’t do that we will just welcome you to Houston.”
His joke had people laughing and laughing for several minutes. The whole flight was this, jokes being made, smiles, and many satisfied passengers.

My stay in IAH was incredible and if you keep on eye on my personal aviation YouTube channel (not the FVA one) you’ll be seeing some awesome spotting videos and a full trip report.
The return leg was the one was I want to talk about. It went from a standard flight to transitioning between heaven and hell in thirty minutes. Here’s the story:

I boarded the aircraft, met by smiles and friendly words by the FAs at the front. I made my way past the first ten rows and past row 12. There, a very very very familiar female FA was standing in row 13 by her jumpseat, chatting with a child and making small talk with her. For a minute I couldn’t think where In the world I had ever seen her before, but as the boarding process was finished, it kept nagging me.
So during flight, after refreshments were delivered and the FAs were grouped in their respective galleys chatting quietly, I went up in disguise of using the lav. That same female FA was leaning against the bulkhead and drinking a cup of coffee. She turned and looked at me. Here is a transcript to the best of my memory:

Me: “Hello. I’m sorry to bother you but throughout this flight something has been nagging me. How long have you worked for Frontier Airlines?”

Her: “For about 12 years, and don’t worry about bugging me. I’m here to help out and if you have any questions, please ask away.” (I liked her on the spot)

Me: “So 12 years? You began in 2005?”

Her: “That’s right. A lot of things have changed since then.”

It was at that exact moment I realized who she was. Have any of you watched the television now YouTube series “Flight Attendant School”? If you don’t there is a link below where you can binge watch the like 15-20 episode series.

Long of the short of this story is: I recognized her from that exact training show. I did a rapid check through my memory and it hit me.

The flight attendant I was looking at was none other than Sarah. I know that may not mean a lot to many, but if you’ve watched that series you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about. Sarah is one of my biggest heroes and in modeling my aviation career for Frontier, I’ve used a lot of what she has done, as an example in my attempts.
I CANNOT BELIEVE I MET HER!! If you haven’t watched the series please take my word and check it out. Now many may say “well the whole thing is fake and scripted and it wouldn’t look like that irl”. Wrong! This is exactly how going through F9 training school would be like, that’s one of the reasons it was chosen.
I also know, soe people will doubt me in this, so I have some proof.

She very very kindly autographed this Frontier napkin for me, which I instantly put in a clean container.
I was giddy and felt faint for maybe the rest of the flight, reveling I never the exstasy of meeting my hero. I can’t believe I met Sarah. I’ve watched her series almost every year since it came out and I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever meet someone from the original trainees. It was the event of the lifetime for me.

But it wasn’t all goods and flowers and joy and happiness. Storms were brewing outside of Denver and as we came in to land. I looked out the window and watched as the wings flexed with the turbulence. Inside, the whole aircraft was shaking side to side and people were holding on to their seatrests.
I admittedly grew a bit afraid as we approached the runway at speeds I thought were way to fast.


I held onto my seat as we sped toward the ground. 100…90…80…70… 50…20…10…RETARD RETARD RETARD!!! We slammed so hard into the ground that the whole aircraft rose back into the air. I seriously thought we were preforming a go around. I mean the wind and weather outside were horrible (lightening all around us, turbulence, black clouds, and horrrible winds.
But we landed hard! As the aircraft pitched back up and we rose off the ground, I prepared for a go around. But the aircraft just came back in and landed hard on the ground! People were screaming and holding on to the seat and person next to them.
As we sped along the ground, we kept speeding and speeding and speeding. I was afraid for a second time that we were going to speed up and go around. But the reverse thrusters came out and the whole aircraft buckled and rocked and shook and jolted. I watched th she of the runway come dangerously near and than suddenly we were drifting to the left and than suddenly back toward the right. It took us so long t ostop I thought the breaks had gone.
By the time we excited off of 35L, we had neared the United Maint hanger (which is passed the end of the runway). That’s how long it took us to stop.

It didn’t help when suddenly, the whole cabin began smelling of fuel. And I kid you not, we had fire trucks escort us from the runway to the terminal where we had to sit for 30 minutes as they boarded and pushed a flight out of our gate (A36).
When we finally pulled into the gate and I deplaned, I had to rest my head and legs in the airport. It wasn’t a traumatic expierence and I’m sure the pilots had it under control, but it was one of the worst and seriously terrifying landings I have ever been in.
As I was sitting in the aisle, I couldn’t film it. But after the terrifying landing and the smell of fuel filling up a metal tube and sitting there for 30 minutes, I had t take a long breath and just relax.

Now that I’m safe and home, I reflect that it was one hell of a way to end my flights till December. I met a huge hero of mine and had one bumpy landing.
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask me below.
Sorry this has gone on for a very long time, I just wanted to tell everyone.

Rating on Frontier KIAH - KDEN

Service: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Ontime: 4/5
Enjoyable: 5/5
Landing: 6/5 (For being able to handle that storm and keep us all safe)


That is incredible! Glad you enjoyed that flight! So lucky!!! :)


I haven’t seen that series, but now I want to!

Great Review @SkyHighGuys!


It truly is incredible!

Houston was also humid and somewhat stormy yeah


So happy for you that you met Sarah , great pics also.
I’m always the person that talks with the Flight Attendants during Flight’s.


You have a great English teacher I see. I was hooked in by your word choice. :) Great review!


It was a dream come true!


I’m actually a small time author (well I say that but my book isn’t set to be published for a bit) so I’ve taken some courses from English teachers like Mr. Poodwah (homeschool professor) and someothers who have German names as long as my arm.
But thank you for your kind words. :)


Why do you think someone afraid of flying shouldn’t read the last part? Sounds like just a bit of a rare occasion with the fire trucks, but that’s it.
Love the detail on your report!


Idk I just know people who like flying but if you even hint that something bad is happening they freak out. And I didn’t want the FBI showing up on my doorstep saying people were suing me :)


I hope you have a great time in College! I’m still 4 years away lol. Hopefully I can take a flight on Frontier Someday.


Wow man. That was the best trip report i have ever read!!. 😄😄 And you met Sarah?? LUCKY!!! It would have been even cooler if you flew on the A320NEO. Am i right??

Frontier is the best ULCC ever! If you find any time to fly them I highly advise it!

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love it when others do evaluations of their flights so I figured I’d do one as well.

AND I MET SARAH!!! I take it you know the series? 😋 Best flight of my life.

I’ve been trying to get a flight with a NEO forever :/ so YEAH! it would be better


Can you give me your English teachers name??? You can write a book with those skills OH OH I GOT A TITLE - EMERGENCY LANDING IN DENVER CABIN ALMOST ON FIRE (NOT CLICKBAIT)
I loved your story though :)

Haha not sure whether I’m supposed to be insulted or flattered :D but I’ll takin the positive way. Thanks my friend :)


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