A Return to Grade 3 (Photo Series)

Hi all!

So I’m back on IF after a ~8-month hiatus, having resubscribed to Pro about ten days ago. This weekend, I decided enough was enough, and I was going to grind out 50 hours of flight time. Here is a series of Screenshots from my gate to gate flights, with the rest of the time made up of spitfire circuits in high winds in South Australia (great for gaining landings and XP)

I can officially say that as of this evening I am back at Grade 3!

Info on flights is on each picture :)

  1. DAL630, B752, Mexico City MMMX - Los Angeles KLAX, 4:05hrs, Casual Server (rip)

    Rotating out of Mexico City
  1. AFR83, B772, San Francisco KSFO - Paris CDG LFPG, 10:54hrs, Training Server

    Landing at Charles de Gaulle as an Ethiopian 787 climbs out

This is where my flights started to link up:

  1. (Private Flight) ZL-ARF, B73(7), Invercargill NZNV - Queenstown NZQN, 45min, Training Server

    Climbing in the sunset
  1. ANZ638, A320, Queenstown NZQN - Auckland NZAA, 2:00hrs, Training Server

    Loading up at Queenstown
  1. JST267, A320, Auckland NZAA - Wellington NZWN (I’ve travelled on this flight IRL), 1:17hrs, Training Server

    Red-eye touchdown in Wellington
  1. QFA164, B738, Wellington NZWN - Sydney YSSY, 3:40hrs, Training Server

    Final approach, as seen from the perspective of ground crew
  1. UAE415, B77W, Sydney YSSY - Dubai OMDB, 14:03hrs, Training Server

    Turning on decent somewhere over the UAE
  1. WZZ2358, A321, Dubai OMDB - Budapest LHBP, 5:40hrs, Training Server

    Gear up departing Dubai
  1. LOT2001, B788, Budapest LHBP - Seoul RKSI, 10:03hrs, Training Server

    Touchdown at Seoul Incheon

I don’t normally do this, but since I’ve seen others do it,

Which was your favourite photo?

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Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my post!

Your friendly neighbourhood Kiwi


Good job, ‘hood kiwi!!

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Nice job! How long did it take you?

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Three days once I got on a roll, but there wasn’t much time when I wasn’t flying! It was a long weekend (Queens Birthday Holiday) so had plenty of time on my hands :)

Oh wow! Once again nice job and can’t wait to see one of these again from you.

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Thank you! I’ve got a few more long haul flights planned and will do some trip reports on them :))

Ok, you should start a YouTube channel and do some videos on the photos and videos you take while your on the flights!

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I have a YouTube channel already for irl content but am inactive now, I just don’t have the time between uni work! Good idea though!

Oh ok! That’s very important!

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