A Return back Home from an Australian Island

Now that I had traveled to Gold Coast Australia for a wonderful vacation, it’s time for me to head back to St. Louis. Had a wonderful time in Australia so let’s get started on this evening JetStar flight back to Sydney.

First Flight JetStar Airways Flight 427 - Gold Coast to Sydney 🇦🇺
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Origin: Gold Coast Int’l Airport (YBCG)
Destination: Sydney Kingsford Int’l Airport (YSSY)
Flight Time: 1hr 02mins
Server: Expert

My first ride in the evening on a JetStar Flight 427 waiting at Gate 3 getting ready to board this plane down to Sydney.

And off we go. Just took off from RWY 14 and now cruising at FL340 enroute to Syndey. Pretty sure it’s a short flight at least the flight attendants served as snacks and beverages. Imagine eating Australian chips and drinking an Australian soda onboard.

And we are now about to Touchdown Syndey Kingsford Airport with the Cathay Pacific B777-300, Qantas A380-800 and the FedEx B77F in the background. After we touchdown, we park at our terminal and then we go ahead and spend a night at a hotel until the next morning, so early in the morning.

Second Flight American Airlines Flight 72 - 🇦🇺 Sydney to Los Angeles 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Origin: Sydney Kingsford Int’l Airport (YSSY)
Destination: Los Angeles Int’l Airport (KLAX)
Flight Time: 13hrs 08mins
Server: Expert

So early that we had to be at Sydney Airport at 7:15 AM because this flight leaves at 11:15 AM that we have been at this airport for three hours and now there goes our second ride on this big beast heading back to L.A. 😎🌴🇺🇸 as we begin boarding at Terminal 1 Gate 43, the International Terminal.

Oh my goodness, we are cruising past Fiji 🇫🇯 at FL370 since we have been in the sky for 3 hours after we took off. Now the flight attendants served us Hand Towels to wipe our hands before our meal and then there goes some delicious mouthwatering American food with a Pepsi that I ate, while others enjoy their food. After that, all the passengers continue watching movies on the IFE onboard.

And now it’s 3:00 AM as we get near Los Angeles that we woke up for some early morning breakfast the flight attendants served us. How about some pancakes with sausage and an orange juice. That will fill my delight a few hours before we begin our descent. After that, I chew down some bubblegum to avoid my ears hurting as it descends.

Flight attendants 👨‍✈️👩‍✈️, prepare for landing as we are finally about to Touchdown on RWY 7R at LAX airport, spotting an All Nippon Cargo B77F holding short RWY 7R, after 13hrs in the sky on the same day we left Sydney. Literally, 18 hours ahead of Los Angeles and it’s almost 7:00 AM in Los Angeles 🇺🇸. Anyways, welcome back to LAX as we arrive at Gate 41 at LAX for a 10 hour layover for our final flight home.

Final Flight: American Airlines Flight 803 - Los Angeles to St. Louis 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Los Angeles Int’l Airport (KLAX)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 3hrs 07mins
Server: Expert

I was so hungry that I went to KFC to grab some chicken tenders with small wedged fries with a side of macaroni and coleslaw plus a Pepsi to eat and drink during a 10 hour layover plus explore the lounge until our final ride arrived. This brought us to start boarding at 4:30 PM at Terminal 4 Gate 46B on this small beast the B738. And you know what though, I feel really tired that when we arrive home at night, I’m ready to go straight 2 bed. So let’s go and board this aircraft back to St. Louis 314 🇺🇸

And off we go, we took off RWY 25R and banked 180 degrees counterclockwise to go East with some heavy turbulence. Now cruising at FL390 past Colorado, the flight attendants went ahead and served us biscoff cookies with any beverages. I got biscoff cookies and Dr. Pepper and then I chew on another Bubblegum.

After two and half hours in the sky, we descend as we entered the Missouri airspace passing the Mississippi River and then made a 180 degree turn counterclockwise for our final RWY 30R and here we are, with the thrust reversers deployed, we landed safely in St. Louis Lambert Airport. Welcome home as I’m about to head straight to bed once we arrive to the house.

And that completes my Australian round trip as we have Jet-Lagged due to these 13 hours of flying through different time zones west and East. Looks like I’m gonna be sleeping 😴 all day long the next day after this long flight.


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