A reset flight button to clear your last flights data.

Not sure if this has been mentioned or discussed, apologies if it has… but for example…say you fly from point A to point B but then want to fly to point C but have to quit out and respawn as your VA logs individual flights and not legs… a reset flight button to clear your last flights data?? I know it only really applies to VA’s but thought it could be a nice addition.

Exiting and spawning back In only takes less then a minute. When I do multi legs for my VA, I spawn out for every leg and back in when ready to continue. Not a problem at all for me. Change title to what the feature is too.


yeah but pain in the butt, if airfield is busy???

really flagged?

You probably said a word the system didn’t like so it rejected the post.

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yeah … i think your right…

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Actually there is no need for that, when I am flying for SAVA I log the flight in slack like that:

1 flight:
FACT - FAPE 1h 14min

2 flights:

FALE - FACT via FAPE 2h 05min

I add a acscreenshot from the gate to show that I have beenenough flying and then I gef my hours

Can you maybe change the title of this thread to something a little more specific? Like „Show multiple legs as one Flight in Logbook“ or something similar 😊

Could you explain a little more on how would that “reset button” kind of works like or how you imagine it?

You may easily log your flight at the end before “Point C”, it only takes a minute or two you don’t even have to exit the app. You will have to ask your VA staff about the leg flights as some only accept realistic routes. Have this in mind that Point A to B to C are two separate flights. Just like flying in and out of the hub airport. Log the first flight, and then log the second one after it’s finished.

In my opinion we won’t need this feature anytime soon but there is a chance the development team may add something similar to this.