A Rescue Plan For Flybe

A Rescue Plan For Flybe

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Flybe, a low-cost airline based in Exeter, has recently been losing a considerable amount pushing them to put the small company on sale (loss of 28m pounds). Flybe was hoping a company would come up and buy it. Hopefully, they could have an option coming up soon, but Flybe needs to hurry up finding a buyer before it’s too late.

Yesterday might have been the option, Virgin Atlantic has now come up and have been interested in the low-cost airline. Virgin Atlantic has already tried to launch their own low-cost airline which was named “Little Red”. They launched it but as soon as it was created, it disappeared in September 2015.

Having the opportunity to buy Flybe, Virgin Atlantic come up with a rescue plan for the low-cost airline. Virgin Atlantic has confirmed that they were in talks with Flybe to buy it. Flybe might have just been saved, and Virgin would have finally gotten its own low-cost airline.

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Good post, however I would say that Flybe are classed as a Regionl Airline rather than a LoCo. LoCo compete against main airlines, whilst regional providing the connecting from smaller airports to major ones.

Intresting to see if “big Red” turns this into a new “little red”.


Can you please post your reference documents? It would be nice for folk to have quick access to read further into this.

Added the document to the thread, can be found here.

Branson was buying A380’s … never happened.
Branson was only ever going to use 4 engines 4 Long Haul … A330 anyone?
Branson was going to keep Concorde flying … never happened
Branson was going to take on BA at Shorthaul with little red … failed, wet leased to hold the slots and then dropped the idea.
Branson was going to break into the US regional market … failed sold out to Alaska.
Branson was going to take on BA at Long Haul … failed, sold out to Delta
Branson made a profit during the worst downturn in aviation history … failed, pushed losses to Singapores books and used the cash made on currency transfers to claim a profit.

Branson makes money by leasing his branding rights to companies as franchises. He has a pot of non auditable personal private funds which he uses to bolster initial support and external funding. Then he removes the funds and lets the franchise sink or swim.

He will do or say anything for press column inches. Concorde being the classic example.

I hope he does put his money where his mouth is, perhaps with the might of Delta behind him he will. I have friends at Flybe and they are a good starter airline for ab-initios. Sadly I don’t think it will truly come to pass.

Time will tell.

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Mismanagement,- let it die in peace. It’s a company.

Branson dosent own Virgin Atlantic anymore hasn’t for 3 years it’s owned by AA

I think you’ll find he sold a controlling stake in the company. If I recall correctly he still owns around 40%. Also it’s delta who brought the controlling stake from Singapore airlines.

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But still they won’t allow a FlyBe VA… I feel like their legal team has larger things to be worrying about lol. Anyway, I hope an airline acquires them, I’m not a fan of them in particular but I like their fleet. Can’t go wrong with an ATR.

Flybe has been bought out by Virgin Atlantic and The Stobart Group


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