A Request to Pilots

Cool Off Time

It’s always a bad sign when a topic gets closed because of too many flags.

Now, in regards to the points you’ve made: On Training and Casual Server there isn’t much you can do about it I’m afraid. Rules aren’t enforced there (although TS has regular violations of course).

When it comes to Expert Server we do encourage realistic flying. Interceptions by fighters aren’t unrealistic therefore they’re not a violation of rules generally speaking. If you get intercepted by an airplane and you don’t like it, check if the user has an IFC profile and send him a friendly message. If the user is actively trolling you on Expert or flying through you etc, you can report it to a moderator.

But again: I get that some users find intercepting fighters annoying. But it’s not prohibited as long as the rules for fighter aircraft are being followed. Personally, I see a professional interception as a good screenshot opportunity 😊