A Request to Pilots

Hello all.

I am here to make a request for you guys.
We all know that intercepting an aircraft in a fighter can be fun, but here’s something you may or may not know. It isn’t fun for that random person being intercepted, after all, they just want to enjoy their flight as much as everyone else, and why should you ruin it by making it unrealistic?
It doesn’t really matter if you’re on Casual, Training or Expert, it shouldn’t be done. Yes, expert is meant for professionalism, that’s not that hard to understand. But on training server, believe it or not, not everyone is that group of people who like to drift around EGLL, a lot of the people using training server are just trying to improve their stats and get to Expert. And in the case of casual, some people like to use it to do stuff such as record breaking flights, where they won’t get violations if they accidentally stall out mid-flight.

The only time that interceptions should be allowed is when you have planned it with the person you are intercepting.

TL;DR: Please don’t intercept random people, regardless of server.


Sadly there is nothing that can be done about that


Casual server is for fun. It’s not meant for “Good flying” That just isn’t a thing. Considering casual, you can do anything, pilots can barrel roll, flip, do whatever in any plane. Now i can see this for TS and Expert.


Yep I do have to agree with you here it really gets on my nerves when people escort me when I spent so long planning a flight only for it to be ruined 🙄


Not necessarily. Yes, the stuff you listed can go on casual, but while doing so, it is never acceptable to ruin someone else’s experience just because the server allows you to do stuff that wouldn’t be allowed in expert.

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Yeah its really annoying to just randomly get buzzed by a F14 at 30,000 ft and have them do verticals around you.


Cool Off Time

It’s always a bad sign when a topic gets closed because of too many flags.

Now, in regards to the points you’ve made: On Training and Casual Server there isn’t much you can do about it I’m afraid. Rules aren’t enforced there (although TS has regular violations of course).

When it comes to Expert Server we do encourage realistic flying. Interceptions by fighters aren’t unrealistic therefore they’re not a violation of rules generally speaking. If you get intercepted by an airplane and you don’t like it, check if the user has an IFC profile and send him a friendly message. If the user is actively trolling you on Expert or flying through you etc, you can report it to a moderator.

But again: I get that some users find intercepting fighters annoying. But it’s not prohibited as long as the rules for fighter aircraft are being followed. Personally, I see a professional interception as a good screenshot opportunity 😊


Maybe this request should direct to Expert Sever as the other servers are great as no one gives a crap about anyone. “Every man for themselves.”

I found it very simpatic in mine case ,actualy i dont understund why people found them self ruined for "realism " ,less QQ more BBQ friend

Never seen this happen on Training or Expert. I’m sure most people mind there own business and have common sense. Never have I ever been intercepted, even on Casual. Even if it does happen it’s not that big of a deal, most of the time it’s just a tiny fighter with minimal fuel. They’ll get bored at some point.

Not a big deal for me if they don’t fly through me and trolling.
Been intercepted a few times. Not sure how big issue this is on expert.

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Last Year, 2018, Christmas Eve, I got, well, not necessarily intercepted but followed by a Fighter Pilot for a while of the Chinese coast… I guess that makes some sense, militarily?

I changed my Display Name to Merry Christmas and so did the Fighter Pilot and dove down to a lower altitude… and thus that was the end.

Thank You, Good Day, Dynasty 007 Heavy Bound for Taiwan Taoyuan ✈️

I’ll say that, I do mind, to be honest if someone does follow me in a fighter or any plane for that matter. I would say respectfully that I would not want anyone to purposefully follow me just for the sake of following me, but I understand that those paparazzi’s (@Will_A) are after my Grease-yyy landings, so for that I recommend watching from the ground and not air 😎


Thank you for this reminder! I agree with you; escorting random people is starting to become a thing around all servers.

You can’t forbid or request people to simply not escort you. Instead the proper approach would be education on how to properly and appropriately escort other aircraft.