A request/reminder to pilots

Hi all. Lately I have been seeing an error that many pilots are doing, even on expert, which is not holding short correctly. Not holding short correctly in real life can easily result in a collision.

Above: Incorrect hold, in this image you are holding short of an *ILS Critical area.

Above: Incorrect hold, in this image you have passed the hold short line, meaning you are on the active runway.

Above: Correct Hold.

*ILS Critical Area: Since the ILS needs a clear line of ‘sight’ with the aircraft, holding infront if this can sometimes interfere with the ILS signal, you only hold short of this line, however, if instructed by ATC, which is not available in IF right now.
Please also note that only once you have entered the runway (crosses the hold short line) should you turn on your strobe lights.
Thanks all.


Good reminder. I often end up missing the brake and rolling onto the runway like in the second picture. The progressive braking should help with that. sorry for being your annoyance

I was wondering what the second hold short line is lol
Anyways I think I’ve heard something in a video about holding short of the ILS critical area in CAT III conditions. Is that a rule in IF?

Good reminder, thanks @Josh_Tomaz

During low visibility the Category III line is used. This puts the aircraft further away from the runway.

As far as I know that IF manual doesn’t mention a Low Visibility Procedure for holding short, but it’s definitely a good practice.

Photo credit: www.thepointsguy.com


Where there is @azeeuwnl there is a good describe/solution.

As he said, lines are important depending to conditions.

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