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As you guys know. We are opening any airport with full staff most of time as IFATC. The approach controllers doing their job perfectly at back taxi airports. They are keeping seperation.(Normally 3NM. We are requesting 5-6NM at back taxi airports.) But, when we don’t have approach controller at our airport, which is using back taxi for departure or to exit, really hard to handle that high traffic volume. Most of time there is getting busy quickly. We have to handle both arrival and departure.

We are using ‘‘request 360’’ for spacing to take departures out safely. I know we have said this many times. I just want you guys to know we can use it a few times, not only once . Especially when we have 9-10 outbound. At least, you are still flying when holding over. But there are people waiting for take off a long time. This is Infinite Flight, not Infinite Waiting. Be considerate. You will be arrived anyway. Please be patience. Don’t complain for making 360 2 or more times.

Ask our real life pilots. I’m sure they are making holding patterns most of time and not only once.

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And a “360” isn’t a 20 second turn with 90° bank angle.


For example


Well, technically “make a 360” doesn’t mean enter a holding pattern. I don’t think it’s really clearly defined anywhere. But it does mean fly something closer to what @Solocup posted than a tight turn.

When issued this command, I usually take a look at traffic around and decide if I can just do a continuous turn or extend into an oval shape.


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