A report that I’m confused

Hi there,

I’m a player from China. I have some questions about my report today and I need your assistance.

I was about to land on Frankfurt today,there was no ATC at that time,I contacted unicom and sent that I would land on Runway 36.As my final approach continues,an ATC was going online and asked me to contact the Frankfurt Tower.But I can’t find the frequency.As you can see,there was no “Tower”to tune in the first picture.So I made a going around,tried to find what’s going wrong.

But I still couldn’t find it.Only “Ground”frequency was displayed. I went to the left base of Runway 36,tried to make an other landing.As the same time, I keep contacting the Frankfurt unicom,but the ATC still asked me to contact the Tower. I could not contact.After that I was reported by the ATC.

I’m so sorry about that,but I’m not the person who disrespect the ATC or tried to break the rules. I just really confuse about it.And I really want the ATC could cancel this report so I can keep flying in the expert serve.
Thank you so much for your air traffic control,and I really hope you could answer my question.

Best Regards

Sebastian Shen


Hello, please dm the controller

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Hello and welcome to the IFC.

This is a common issue not to find a frequency. Turn airplane mode on for 30 seconds. Then try reconnecting. Usually fixes the problem. If no change your callsign to “NORDO” meaning you cant contact a frequency.


He cant because he is new. Because the controller has been pinged, he will message him.

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He can’t and @Claudio will contact you, thank you.

Always best to take 5 mins and read the guidelines on ifatc reports or ghosting
Saves a lot of time also make sure to be polite a controller will only ghost if there is reasoning, honestly they hate it more than we do …

Take care


I had a suspicion that you were having trouble contacting me (5 on-guards explained it). We’ll sort this out via PM.

Please do not comment further if you are not me or @IFCNTianlinShen. This topic can be closed as soon as possible.


Handled in PM with controller.