A repeat of 2010?

Way back in 2010 I was on holiday with my family in Europe when Icelands Mount Eyjafjallajökull erupted causing a huge ash cloud to engulf European airspace. This created severe travel disruptions for the next 3 months resulting in many countries closing their airspace, with 10 million travelers affected. My family happend to be some of them and we were left stranded in the Balearic Islands for a much extended holiday. I’m sure most of you will remember these relatively recent events but if not here’s a Wikipedia article that covers the lot:

Over the last four days 500 earthquakes have hit Iceland resulting in the severe weakening of the Earths crust around Mount Eyjafjallajökull. Scientists have been tracking the movement of magma and have stated that magma acent is roughly 5Km for four hours. This means there is an ever rising chance of an imminent eruption over the coming hours and days. Is anyone planing to take a trip to Europe or currently in Europe hoping to fly anywhere and if so are you worried about the risk of airspace closure from a similar ash cloud to that of 2010? I myself am traveling to Majorca once again on the 14th of August in the pursuit of a much needed holiday!

See this article for more info:



Well, I will be traveling to Europe in September, so hopefully nothing bad happens.


“The final call, however, will be made by the Icelandic Met Office, who are currently not concerned about a major volcanic eruption, citing the recent seismic activity as “normal for an active region”.”

This sums it up for me really…


Yes let’s hope nothing happens. I would like an extended holiday though so a rightly timed eruption would be nice!


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