A Reminder That Shouldn't Have To Be Given

Hello pilots of the IFC. This isn't a reminder that should have to be given, but I have seen it far too often. Please, please, please make sure you are pulling past the hold short line when you are exiting the runway! Every part of your aircraft MUST be off the runway. Whether the runway is cleared or not depends on aircraft being past the hold short line. Numerous times I have witnessed go-arounds and delayed takeoffs due to pilots not understanding such basic principles on the expert server! Remember to be courteous to other airmen in the sky!

As old as this tutorial is, it’s still relevant today. Have a listen.


People don’t realize that not a centimeter of an aircraft can be even ABOVE the hold short line. If it is, they’ve just committed a runway incursion. My flight instructor taught me to keep the line in sight as you pull up to it and you will never pass it.


Great reminder, @Aceorbit! I’ve seen this happen way too many times, and many go-arounds have been issued because of it.

I’d like to add on to this. Pilots, if you have indeed completely cleared the hold short line after exiting the runway, good job. However, this does not mean you are allowed to sit there indefinitely. I had this happen just today when an aircraft was sitting on that RET, and another aircraft was behind it, trying to get off the runway. Had aircraft 1 not moved, any aircraft on final would have been forced to go around.

Clearing that line is one thing. After you’ve gotten permission to taxi to parking, please keep moving so that you don’t create a bottleneck behind you that extends onto the runway. :)


This reminder was needed! I see WAY too many runway incursions due to the misunderstanding and disobedience of the hold short line!

Thanks @Aceorbit!


so basically what y’all saying is if this happened IRL there would be a lot of pilot deviations and a lot of people being ticked off lol


And a lot of consequences, I’m more than sure.

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IRL, pilots know they’re still on the runway. IF pilots seem not to grasp that being between the runway surface and the hold short is still occupying the runway.


It’s sad to see some people still do this but thanks to your reminder it may improve this, that line ain’t just decor it’s life or death

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oh ye once atc gives u a number to call that’s like going to the principals office because the pilots job is on stake depending on how bad it is @Tim_B or @TaipeiGuru could probably explain that better than I can but if I heard IRL atc telling me to call a number my heart would sink and I would look at my captain or FO lol


AirForceProud95 wants to instruct you to ”copy down a phone number”

If I was instructed to copy down and call a phone number on the taxiway I’d get stressed on so many levels, 😥


This post had good intentions but the truth is that the people you are trying to reach probably don’t even read the IF Forums.


People always say that but they always find a way to find the busiest airport for overnight flights by telepathically reading the schedule and manage to find it when they’re ghosted to either create a complaint thread or PM.

We all get that not everyone has a forum account. But the idea that 100 percent of the people that do this don’t have access to the forum is just silly.

There is no need to say some variation on this theme in every informational thread. (Which is statistical fact: look back at any informational thread and see if you can’t find at least one “not everyone is here…” post.)


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