A reminder of how to use this forum

With this forum gaining more users everyday, I figured it was important to lay out a few ground rules so we can keep all discussion relevant and helpful:

  • No harassment. Any sign of harassment won’t be tolerated. Always be nice and don’t feed the trolls.

  • When reporting a bug please include exact steps to reproduce as well as full device and OS information.

  • Make sure your post title represent the content of your post as well as possible (but don’t make it too long); Bad: “Crash in Infinite Flight”, “Bug”; Better: “Crash when exiting flight”, “Autoland bug”

  • Stay on topic. Consider creating a new post if you ned to go off-topic

  • Avoid posting just for agreeing or thanking someone. Those should be implied and you can achieve the same effect with the “Like” option. The rational behind this is that it becomes hard to find relevant information when you have to search through pages of “Cool”, “I agree”, “Thank you”.

  • Refrain posting images not related to Infinite Flight. We all love memes but bandwidth and storage are not free and with this forum activity growing we have to be mindful of usage. If you really need to post a meme, host it on imgur (or similar) and post a link here (it should properly appear in the post). Screenshots or helpful diagrams are always welcome.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

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Is this the end of the “post your pictures of planes” thread?


Best, Boeing707

Group flights was locked :cry:

I guess. It does not comply with these new rules, so I guess yes. It is the end of the “post your pictures of planes” thread.

Well there is a way to post photos without the upload button so it can be continued. I have to learn how to do that though…

Best, Boeing707

Go to “Imgur” and upload your pictures, then use BBCode or Markdown to put your pictures into this forum.

  1. Does flickr work?

  2. How does one use the BBCode and/or Markdown code?

Thanks and…

Best, Boeing707

I don’t know if Flickr works. Go to the Imgur website and upload your pictures. When you export your picture you’ll see different codes you can copy and paste. Check out this topic to see which methods work the best: Testing Markdown, BBCode, and HTML (Memes)

I’ve found that BBCode or HMTL work the best

Ok I’ll try it later in the week.

Best, Boeing707

For a list of supported url that are automatically embedded see here

It seems that imgur is having some issues but will most likely be resolved in the future.

The rule about picture is only a recommendation for now; bandwidth and servers are not free and with this forum becoming more popular everyday we have to set some limits.

The “group flight” thread was locked because it is better practice to have one thread per event. Having one thread that is constantly at the top because ppl keep posting is annoying to users who don’t care about it. We need focused discussion.
A good title for such event would be “Group flight departing from SFO at 5pm PST” and with details in the post content. Comments can be used for quick communication for the event in question. This make it easier to quickly see events with recent activity in the forum’s front page.

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This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

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That’s a shame!

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Philippe, could I please make a suggestion!

Is it possible to put up a reminder when people post a topic along the lines of “Have you searched for a similar topic?”

Thanks :)