A Reminder About Changing Callsigns

Hey guys

I’m controlling at KSEA right now. I would like to put out just a friendly reminder about changing your callsigns all the time.

Please don’t change your callsign mid-flight. Even if you’re friends with the controller and your callsign is a nice message like “GOODJOB” or “BUTTER” or even “YEET”, it only causes confusion for the controller. It leads us to believe at first that there’s another aircraft on the frequency who needs something and it takes our focus away from everything else that’s actually happening (even your own request).

So, that’s my simple request. Just pick a callsign at the beginning of the flight and stick with it. If you’re on Unicom, this is totally fine, but do give some common courtesy to those who are controlling, either on Training or on Expert (especially Expert).

Let’s all help a controller out! :)

Thank you, have a good day!


I fully agree with you. Plus if someone changes there callsign to “BUTTER” it takes away the realistic aspects of the flight.

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Addition to this great post: try to use callsign that fits your livery. Will become less of a problem after 20.1 with it’s airport maps, but it’ll still be helpful when checking on things using camera view

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Sometimes people request pushback but then change their callsign before they request taxi and even if it’s a simple change like Delta to American it’s enough to throw me off for a second when controlling. Not the end of the world but confusing when controlling a busy frequency.

Off-topic, but I do wish there was a way to report people’s names, because they are offensive at times. Not necessarily offensive, but just inappropriate, like as you said “BUTTER” but people also put “COVID-19” like seriously? Grow up.

Also, what do you recommend I do if my flight is a heavy, but I forgot to change it and I am still on the taxiway/gate? Just looking for some IFATC suggestion/feedback.

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When you are IFATC you can warn the person to change callsign and if they disregard they get ghosted.

Just add the heavy in because you still have the same airline and number

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This is why I fly on expert server, less trolls and more professionals

To your surprise you can find some callsigns like these on Expert Server. But there are way more on Training.

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I am a part of IFATC and in our slack group we all talk about this stuff. You’d be surprised how many people have those callsign a while you control

Yeah, over the years expert server quality has been sadly declining.

You won’t get in trouble for not having the right callsign by IFATC. That is too harsh.

We also do not ghost those with callsigns related to the virus as the pilot may be trying to represent something positive, such as finding a cure, fighting through it, etc.

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For the sake of realism, I NEVER do any callsigns except the realistic call sign assigned by the airline and flight number. It bothers me so much when the call sign, livery, and region doesn’t match up!

Example: Lufthansa 2498 callsign in a Southwest Airlines B737-800 in Sydney Australia! 🤮

In my opinion, there should be a way to report or ghost such users from the Expert Server. I know it sounds harsh and unnecessary, but isn’t this what expert server is for? To show your expertise and maturity in flying?

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At the end of the day it’s a simulator and people can fly whatever they want and use whatever appropriate callsign they want. It’s a place for realistic procedures, but not realistic liveries and callsigns. Some people like to fly with their own callsign that they’ve made up and some like to copy the callsign of a real flight. It’s their choice.

You can have an unrealistic callsign and fly maturely at the same time.


I do 100% agree with this, I am not trying to enforce this on anyone all the time. I just feel that if you do want to be adventurous in your flying endeavors, the Training or, more fittingly, the Casual server is the right place to do this. Expert server in my opinion is the wrong place and time to do this. And I believe that the sour medicine is the cure for this; the ghosting/violations could be the perfect way to enforce this.

Another possibility is that we also make a “realism” server in which the ghostings/violations do apply for unrealistic users. We could also maybe not have IFATC here so that users can follow realistic SID/STARS procedures.

Again, I understand that users have each paid for the their subscriptions and it is not up to me to decide what/where/when they fly, but at the same time, I feel like there needs to solution that addresses this widespread concern on the IFC.

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I always keep mine the same it’s my display name that changes before flying but if ur flying delta just do the D because it’s says Delta lol

Any chance you could explain why? Going from my personal experience, I fly on ES 99% of the time, and most of that I’m not flying a realistic route such as Denver-Dubai. Why should me and other users who are be “professional” be sent down to TS or CS just because we want to fly a non-existent route? Same goes for the call sign. I agree with @anon38496261, changing your call sign in the middle of a controlled airspace is rude, however if someone wants to have a custom call sign they should be able to as long as it isn’t derogatory in any way. For example, most VA call signs aren’t real. I have never seen a Delta pilot use DLVA irl (no offense anyone in Delta Virtual, this was just an example).

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I’ve no problem with that, just don’t change it in a controlled airspace 🙂


Totally agree! Your job is hard enough!
Happy Flying :D

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