A Reddit story I found...

Hey guys.

I was reading r/EntitledParents, and came across this story. I found it interesting, and a bit funny.

Hope the kid is alright.


Most of the stories on that thread are extremely fake, most likely including this one. I have not seen one news story about this,

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I looked through it a few times, and found it pretty legit.

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Hahaha pretty funny story.

If 7500 was squaked, this would be all over the news, it’s fake. Trust me,

It says in the mid 1980s. On the first paragraph.

Also you never know she could have tried to take them by surprise and forcefully remove the first officer from his seat

Read the story again, they squaked 7500,

Again I know what squad 7500 means plus it is mid-90s

Correction 80’s

Haha @FirstClassLuxury I think you are unaware of what squak 7500 means because also I know that it is a transmission for unlawful interference as well as hijacking but in this post it was unlawful interference

My question was why were you reading r/entitledparents?

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It’s a great subject to see how crazy parents can be and stupid in some cases

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This is a great story! Crazy lady!

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