A recent Air Canada Flight

Two days ago I flew from Montreal to Toronto in the Expert server, and the lighting conditions were conducive for a few great shots.

Which one is your favourite?


How did you get the graphics and quality so high!
My favorite is the 3rd btw

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3rd one. Also I have everything on MAX. Please tell me how you get it to that level graphics

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replay mode is a magical thing. set the quality at 4x in the settings.


Will do. Thank you very much 😃

Jeez… IF has stepped up their game with graphics
Also these are some epic photos if I do say so myself :)


Indeed. Those are the most impressive shots I’ve seen in this game. That 3rd one would look good in the actual airline poster in an airport. We should see if air canada themselves are interested. ;)


maybe i should work on making posters for virtual airlines in Infinite Flight…


With those impressive shots I completely support that. No joke


In my opinion they are way to over edited and very bright. Anyway they are great shots.

The lighting is the key to that stunning visual. I can’t get over how they look. But I do respect your opinion even if mine is different😃


Wow, awesome photos! The first one is my favourite.

Great photos but as real life spotters would say some of them are backlit. The 3rd one is my favorite!

Oh the 3rd one is beautiful for meh

Last one! What a beatiful flight, must have of had fun!

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Wow these almost look like real life. Super nice job!

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2nd, great pics

Amazing! Just wow!

Awesome, Beautiful, Amazing, those cant describe the lighting and reflection on the plane these are just awesome.

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What do you mean by x4 though, it’s just low, med and high.