A realistic “See you soon” at Stuttgart Airport (Colourful tails and wings, EW A320 to Hamburg)

Hello everyone and welcome to a special #screenshots-and-videos topic. As some of you may know from today onwards Stuttgart Airport in Germany is closed to all traffic due to runway renovation works which had to be moved forward due to the ongoing crisis. As yesterday was hence the last opportunity to fly there ‘realistically’ I grabbed the opportunity to say “See you soon” to one of the airports I have many connections with.

Enjoy the pictures!

Flight details

Ferry flight with the Eurowings A320 from Stuttgart (EDDS) to Hamburg (EDDH), flight time a bit shy of an hour on the expert server.
Flight was yesterday evening but time altered to midday for the pictures.

Sunny tail!

Saying “See you soon with a wing-wave and a wing view toward Stuttgart as we climb towards Hamburg:

Landed in Hamburg!

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Bye, Stuttgart. I hope we’ll see you soon.

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We will, sure about that one!

Something about this is just amazing.


Thank you very much! Yes, I think it is just really realistically looking, isn’t it?

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Amazing photo, right there, mate! It sure buzzed me!

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How long will it be closed?

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Thank you very much!

@NordicFlyer: The Runway will be closed till April 22, and thereafter it will be shortened till June.

Do you know why they would shorten the runway there?

No worries! ;)

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The reason for that is that the work is being carried out (mostly) to the eastern section of the runway (the 25 end). Hence it was originally planned to only shorten the runway to the western part of it and close it only during nighttime, but due to possible problems arising with the current situation they decided to move the closures ahead.

In the picture you can see the areas (mainly) worked on:

(Also you can see the beginning of the ‘new’ temporary runway area going from the “Landeschwelle” to the left.)

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Thanks for making that clear. Very interesting. Until Bauabschnitt eins is done the runway is incredibly short I see now

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No problem! Yeah, it will just be 1965m instead of the 3345m usually available.

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See you soon,Stuttgart!

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