A Real Flight from New York to Frankfurt

Today I simulated another real flight!


Route: KJFK - EDDF
Aircraft: MD1F
Flight Time: 07:21
Server: Training

Loading our cargo as the sun rises

Taking off from New York

Approaching EDDF

And finally an overedited landing at Frankfurt.

I hope you guys enjoyed!

The second photo is really good! Keep up the good work! 🙃


Thanks for the positive feedback! Appreciate it.🙏🏻

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When I fly Lufthansa Cargo I feel different I feel good

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Yess… That feeling…

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Cant wait to fly LH Cargo 777F

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Yes, when only 20.1 comes out, I must fly some B772 routes!

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Are they re releasing just the 772 or the 77F too

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Oh, I forgot…

…That they’re not

Oof a big disappointment, But well get them mabey a month or 2 after the 772

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Stunning 2nd photo! I’d print that out and hang it on the wall!

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They told me that the for sure the B77W is coming in three months after the 20.1 update

Thanks! Appreciate it!

I really love the 777 it’s such a good aircraft

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Yes, agree but I’m more of an Airbus person…

Well I love all types of aircraft except like Embreder

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I like Embraers, but no offense

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