A Real Challenge

1) About two months ago, I was flying a C-17 in the Northern San Francisco region to Mysterious Valley (69Q) a dirt field surrounded by hills. With no instrument approach services and impenetrable visibility, it took me more than three times to arrest the Globemaster! Keeping it as slow as possible with significant spoiler deployments to clear the far hill on short final, you can feel the big transport sinking to make the runway end. Full spoilers, reverse thrust, and max braking brought the plane to a stop.

2) Expert Server, 19:47:50Z, Moffet Federal (KNUQ) departure from Runway 32L to the Southwest, then across San Francisco to the North for 69Q. Couple waypoints making right traffic for Runway 14. Departure was to the Southeast from 69Q, making a turn over Travis and Sacramento to make the only viable STAR into KNUQ; going around KSFO and into the Pacific, then back again over the mountains and into the Bay to make a straight in approach for Runway 14L at KNUQ.

3) Photos