A rather ambitious idea

Hey IFC, over the past few months I’ve been thinking about designing a seat that is used for both a passenger and their pet. I might design some today, but I’ve really been thinking about it. It would be like a carrier/ kennel, that rests on slides/rails so it can move in an easy way. Idk why I’m telling you this, but I’ve been considering making this a serious project. Maybe I’ll make a kickstarter or GoFundMe. Idk. What do you guys think?


This is an awesome idea!

There are airlines out there that force pets into the hold, which can mean passengers have to stay anxious about if their pet is safe, how they’re doing, etc.

If this is a project you want to pursue, go ahead and do so; and remember, the only one stopping you is yourself!

Good luck with your project!


thank you! I appreciate the encouragement! It means a lot! :D

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Alrighty my dears, here is what I’ve come up with.(tbh I’m scared to share since it may not make sense lol. Also I’m scared someone will steal this. Not that I think it’s THE BEST AND REVOLUTIONARY IDEA. Nah I’m just nervous lol.)
Anyways, tell me to elaborate and or give me some critiques. Keep in mind, this will likely change or will be revised.

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This actually is possible in some larger aircraft (like Airbus A350, Airbus A380 and Boeing 777), if it can be made into some sort of a “pet area”. The seats would be wider, and it would be 20-40% more expensive to sit in.

Think of those small, isolated parts of economy class in large aircraft; there’s the bulk of the seats in the very back, and then, squished between restrooms and galleys, there’s usually 5-7 rows of more economy. I feel like those extra rows of economy would be the perfect place to incorporate your idea.

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You think so?

Yes, it’s possible.

There are already airlines that differentiate isolated economy seats from the rest of economy. For example, there are airlines that designate these isolated economy seats as “quiet seats” where no children are allowed and passengers have to keep quiet. A pet area isn’t too unrealistic compared to what airlines have done.

Take the Airbus A380’s upper-deck economy seats. They are separated from regular economy, even though they are the same “class” (still, they’re usually more expensive to book). A lot of airlines already give an extra perk or two to upper-deck economy flyers (some airlines give upper-deck economy seats extra storage, or more width). This extra width could be used to place seats with pet kennels.

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That is true!

What an interesting idea. My neighbor does long term fosters for service dogs in training (keeps them while they’re growing up from puppies to about 2-3 years old), before they go off for their more intensive training to become a dog for autistic people, diabetics, disabled people, etc. As part of their job, they have to go everywhere with their owner, even on planes.

My neighbor does some basic training with the dogs, and part of that is conditioning them to airplane cabins. MSP holds a special event for this very purpose, where the dogs (and their trainers like my neighbor) go through the airport processes, like TSA and board an actual Delta jet. These big Golden Retrievers and Labs can just go right underneath the seat in front of you, just like a bag or a purse could. Pretty neat I think.

I think your idea would be really nice for domestic pets who presumably wouldn’t have been conditioned to planes to make the experience less stressful for both dog and owner.

If you want to read about the specific training program I mentioned, check out this link:

Service dogs-in-training take flight to nowhere at MSP Airport


Okay! Thanks for your input!

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Here we go: If paying for economy or business, you pet’s kennel can be stored rin the space where your pet will be, but if in First class your pet can be let out for their comfort

What do you think?

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This depends on the airline. This can absolutely happen on Etihad’s first class A380, but you really think it’s possible on an American CRJ-900?


Is there first class, I thought it when up to business?

Well, North American airlines stylize it as First Class, when in reality, their regional jets only really have a product that is considered premium economy (at best business) internationally.

basically, this will be on most european first classes, in 757 upward

But I do have to say, some airlines allow animals to travel with you anyway. But for airlines that do not, I can imagine this would definitely not be implemented for similar reasonings. And also, what is the difference between this and having your animal board the plane in a crate in the cargo hold? In the end they get there the same and in a box the same way they would in the cargo hold.

Some people really, really need to be with their pet. Others need it for physical/emotional reasons. And for longer flights, it’s not like you can just check up on your pet mid-flight…there are some ultra-long-haul flights where pets get locked up for 15+ hours.


the point is to have your pet be by you, and the crate opens up so the pet has more room. It also doesn’t shove the pet under some seat.


No I get that, but there is already a list of airlines that allows your dogs in the cabin with you, not only domestically but internationall too as well.