A Rat Grounds An Alaska Flight At Oakland's Airport!

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Have you heard of the term “Pizza Rat”? Well, this is different. Lets call this rat a “Stowaway Rat”.

  • What Happened To The Flight: Well normally when you see a rat on a plane, you don’t ground the flight… A rodent appeared in the cockpit of an Alaska Airlines flight scheduled to fly Tuesday morning from Oakland, Calif., to Portland, Ore. The plane was full when the critter was discovered, and all 110 passengers had to get off and find alternate travel plans because it was a safety hazard. This rat caused a fuss with local exterminators and Alaska Airline Officials. The plane had to be thoroughly inspected by the exterminators and would have to undergo inspection to see if the rat had caused damaged to the plane’s system. Although these types of finds aren’t common, they have grounded previous planes in the past! The rat was never found according to officials and all 110 passengers were later booked a flight to Portland later on.

How did the rat even get a boarding pass? Officials say don’t officially know, but they say the rat was spotted boarding the jetway and snuck its way to say hello to the pilots. This happened when the Alaska Flight 915 was being tugged when spotted.

What happened to the aircraft: Well, the aircraft was put out of service until the aircraft could be fully examined by the exterminators and flight mechanics.

Video Evidence: [ NBC - Report On Incident ]

My Opinion: I wonder where that rat was heading to anyways… This event really shocked me because it’s not everyday you see a rat board a flight. I guess you could say the rat was feeling a bit humorous to play hide and seek with the exterminator and his favorite hobby would now be shutting down aircrafts. Lets not hope the rat gets into any other aircrafts because as you know, a rats number one rule is : “if its in my reach, its mine”. That’s all I have for today, let me know what you have to say about the incident and let me know if this happened to any other flights you know, its been a pleasure chatting with you, my names Ryan, this is Simple Aviation, have a great new year!


Well, this is an odd incident.
I am surprised that the plane was grounded but it makes sense from a safety standpoint it could’ve chewed a couple of wires. I wouldn’t want to fly on that plane anytime soon though.

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One small rat cost the airline thousands, its kind of funny in a weird way. Good luck to the exterminator, I can only imagine how many small spots they will have to check.

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I agree with you on that! Most likely, they can’t file a lawsuit on a rat… That’s going to be a economic loss for the companies aircraft

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lmao, this is brilliant! Hope everyone got to there destination.

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Rats! What about Turtles!!

Like Oakland has turtles lol…l! That would be a shocker

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Turtles in Oakland XD Hehe

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