A rare sight to see: Aeroflot A320 in the US

Hey everyone!
Today, we received an Ex-Aeroflot Airbus A320, which was sold to Allegiant.

This airplane was ferried in from Reykjavik, Iceland after being ferried from Europe.
The aircraft had a United States registration, which belonged to Allegiant Air.

Because of the Registration belonging to allegiant, we did call it the “International Allegiant flight”.

I drove the stair truck up, which was the first time I’ve driven a stair truck up to an aircraft.

It was amazing, it was the very first time I’ve seen a Russian airliner in the US.

I hope you like the pictures!

Air stairs on the Allegiant A320 for customs to enter

View from the air stairs

View from the co pilot side

Night shot

Nice view

Nose view


I hope allegiant keeps this livery on for a while, it’ll get some funny looks from passengers for sure


Does anyone know if they actually plan to fly it in this configuration? If so this will be a top priority to try to spot. I mean obviously this will be short lived, but will passengers ever see it? 🤔


It’ll be ferried somewhere, I don’t know where it’ll go. It will still be in this Aeroflot livery until they repaint it


It will probably be flown to either Las Vargas or Orlando Stanford I believe. Also what’s the registration on it

It came into PSM, so it’ll be on FA. The Registration is in the photo, but I’m not allowed to share the registration per company rules :(


When the 737-Max was first grounded, a FlyDubai 737-Max actually made a pit stop at my home airport (KGSO). Things like this are definitely something you don’t see everyday in the US.

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Interesting. Similar thing happens with Air Canada’s A319’s which they operate from St. Johns (I think) to London England.

but we can still see it-

Funny thing was when this landed, we were all taking pictures, since you never get to see anything like this.

Even the Airport Authority went out to take pictures of this plane with the Aeroflot livery

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I understand. Normally I blur it out, but because this is a community, I would rather show it.

Normally I’m not supposed to show registrations on aircraft.

Quite some fixes/patches applied to the livery! But interesting that they didn’t remove the company’s name at least as it’s done in Europe rather often in similar situations.

Thanks for the pictures!

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Now that I’ve seen the Aeroflot livery in-person (photos are close enough), I know it’s a great livery! I hope Allegiant keeps it as a special livery, it would get some nice laughs — and confusion for that matter.

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How interesting!

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