A Rare Sight at Moffett Field

It all began on an ordinary bike ride. I was pedaling down the Stevens Creek trail, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a C-5. I immediately stopped and called my father, who was riding along with me. I suggested that we take a closer look at the behemoths. Then, I realised that there were two of them. We went down a separate trail right next to the Moffett Field apron, where the two were parked. We then discovered that they were from Travis AFB. It was evacuated due to the fires. Anyway, here they are.


These are probably the best pictures I have taken. (Note: second time spotting, close to fence, crappy lens)

You can improve them by a whole lot by straightening the horizon and centering the plane

I want one of these too, do you mind carrying one over to Switzerland?

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They send some to Zurich occasionally. I will try to get whoever’s in control to do that.

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cool, I saw some C5’s coming into my home airport once.

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I think that the angled horizon makes it even better! On the contrary @Q-ENAN

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That’s awesome! I had the amazing opportunity to tour Travis AFB last year. Unfortunately I can’t make a topic as I’m not allowed to post the pictures openly on any social media platform, but if you want to see them, feel free to PM me.
Anyways, nice pics!


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