A Rare Opportunity (CYXC-CYXJ)

Hello community.

So I had the opportunity to coach the Kootenay Zone team in alpine skiing at the BC games in Fort St. John last week and I wanted to show you my commute…

One of Air North’s Boeing 737-500 took us to the games from Cranbrook and it was exciting to see an aircraft this size at home. I believe it’s been some time since something like this visited YXC

Our ride (C-GANU)

Boarding with it’s brother parked beside

Love the look of these Avro RJs even though I butchered the shot

The old school flight deck :)

Flatlands just south of YXJ

Shot crooked just north of Cranbrook

Hope you guys are having a fantastic week and enjoyed the shots! :)



Great Shots!
Well done!

Why am I always the first to reply on spotting topics lol


Haha cheers brother. Appreciate

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You WOULD be a skier. I’m a proud board ganger (or as you guys like to call us, knuckle dragger)

I really like those -500s and that’s really cool that you had this opportunity.

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Might i say, just wow, the plane (737-500) just how it still runs, and ima skier, so those mountains look mighty mighty!!


Lolll you got me. Cheers my friend

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Lots of awesome skiing in the Kootenays my guy. Glad you enjoy the 735 - the thing is killer

Nah, skiing is definitely better.

Beautiful shots and a beautiful plane!

Also, I really love this pic of the mountains.


:) Cheers!!

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Woow Nice shots Cody😍😍

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Wow! Very lucky to fly on the -500! Seeing that cockpit must be cool lol.

Amazing pic quality too

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The 737-500 is one of my favorite 737’s, that’s cool you got to fly on one. And those mountains are great too.

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Yup. They do look good from up high @Butter_Boi

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