A rare app crash mid-flight - time question

Hi everyone,

My phone is a S20FE running Android 13, One UI 5.1, 39Go free storage and a good stable connection.

I had maybe three app crashes in over 5 years, but just had two in a couple of weeks, so I am a litle bit annoyed. No big deal, but enough for me to try and know what goes on…

I watched my failed flight (probably caused by me flying a KLM call sign with an AIR FRANCE plane which does not fly the EHAM EKCH route :) route…) and noticed that the time bar at the bottom of the replay screen shows a value unrelated with the flight time (pic below):

Is this usual when the app fails? Does it make sense?

I was just about to put auto-throttle on when I realised the app had crashed under my eyes. I had just engaged VNAV.


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I think that’s just related to resolution and the timestamps overlaps each other? :)

Hi Schyllberg, thanks for your time.
I am not sure to understand you here. I mean how can there be 3h 55: 17 on the right, in the middle of a short hop?

Er… I think it was universal time… at the time the app crashed.
This can be closed, sorry and thanks!


Oh you mean that.


The one on the right is UTC, the left is session flight time.

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I realized that, sorry!

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