A Random Formation Flight

I was bored so I decided to head into the Casual Server and escort a random aircraft.

When I spawned in at the notorious Los Angeles International, the first plane I saw was a C-17 Globemaster taking off.

So I hastily started my engine and roared off after him.

After a few minutes, I cautiously began the intercept, closely monitoring the other aircraft’s every manoeuvre.

Then finally, the C-17 loomed large into view, and I flew right alongside it in tight formation. For some reason, both of us had forgotten to retract our landing gear. Don’t @ me.

I began to escort the C-17 to a landing at a nearby air base.

After ensuring that the C-17 had landed safely, I made a landing myself at the air base.

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Amazing photos! I love the “Light” feel to them. Keep it up ;)

@rockpapernuke what did you edit these in?


I edited these in Photoshop Express

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