A Rainy Christmas in the Bay

Had the opportunity to collect some holiday pay and went in to work on Christmas today. Knowing it would be a slow day I decided to bring out the camera and snag a few photos from the flight line. The storm passing through led to a few diversions and flight cancellations, slowing the day down even more. Yet it also led to some nice reflections and cool photo opportunities.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoy these photos I took during mine!

The local Challenger 605 preparing for a cross country morning flight.

A trio of Southwest 737s on a morning mission, with one departing to Long Beach KLGB.

Alaska’s 739 slowing to a stop from Seattle KSEA.

G280 taxing out for departure after picking up some passengers.

G4 soaking up the rain since the owner is too cheap to get hangar space.

Another shot of the G4.

Cool mocha paint on this G650.

A pair of G650s on the ramp.

The weekly Swift Air charter sitting for the holiday weekend.

A Vista Jet Global Express that just departed for St. Marten a few minutes ago, with a stop in Atlanta on the way over.


The moments between the rain today were so beautiful with the sun shining through the dark grey clouds; it really shows in your photos. Took the RC plane out as soon as the afternoon rain ended and it was just perfectly cool Christmas weather.


Thanks! We had a few rainbows throughout the day down here too, unfortunately wasn’t able to work then into any photos. Hope you had a good Christmas man!

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Appreciate it 🙌 Definitely looks a lot better now than a couple weeks ago after it made an emergency landing lol


these photos are amazing what airport is this ?

Thanks! These are taken at San Jose International in California.

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I do like the color scheme on that 650. Mocha is pretty cool!

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