A r e y o u r e a d y?

Great shots, but #screenshots-and-videos is for IF photos, not IRL shots.

jk, great photos!


First one: nyooooooom
Whoa the best editing I’ve ever seen!


That last photo though…It’s beautiful… I actually can’t stop looking at it!

Great Job and nice pictures!

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I’ve been editing for almost 2 years now and I have never seen something like that first on the IFC nor been able to recreate something like the first photo

I’m at a loss for words- This belongs in the museum of best edits of the year.

How did you get the motion blur? I’ve never managed to make motion blur look good


That looks stunning! Great photos!

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With which app do you do the sweeps?

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The lights work so definitely not the real IF

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Amazing WIth the first one what app did you use for that??

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Which app did you use

Me confuse dn how to do it

You should make an tutorial

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Have a look at some tutorials on YouTube. That’s how I did mine


Hopefully, this is what IF looks like on the 20th Anniversary…


Pretty sure this is photoshopped looking at lights. And if I’m not mistaken Misha said photoshopped photos are prohibited on IFC

I think lights may fall under this rule as technically this is not feature in the game yet.

It’s ok, lights usually get a pass depending on how edited they are.

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Super cool shots! Please make sure no extra features are added in future posts. This includes lights, even if only ‘slightly’ edited.