A Quirky Flight! | Dallas - New York | Atlas Air 747-400


Yes, you heard me right, a 747-400 for Dallas - New York!
Let me provide some context: this is a real flight, it starts in Dallas, then goes to New York, then to Anchorage! This is flown as Atlas Air has only a couple 747-4’s and wants to use them at all connecting routes to Anchorage, so Volià! A 747-4 for a regional flight!

Let’s dive into more of the details!



Aircraft in use

747-400 Atlas Air





Let’s see some pictures!

At one of the only gates to support a 747 in DFW!

An American B77W watching as I rotate!

Departure out of DFW with KDAL in the background!

After a nice 2hrs of cruising we start approaching New York at Scranton VOR!

An extraordinary view of Central Park, as I start to turn to JFK!

A moonshot as I begin my RNAV approach!

With my creativity on the line, I found this stunning view, as I switch to manual control down to Runway 22L!

With some network problems I couldn’t bring you my gate photo 😔, Sorry!

Today, I’m trying to only lightly edit the photos through Lightroom, to bring more “Infinite Flight” into to my photo!

I hope you had a great IFATC @ home, and I’m glad you took a stop at my thread!


Great moonshot and I love the last one! It’s very creative, something I’ve never seen before. Keep it up!

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This is a real flight? I’ve never seen a pax Atlas Air 747 at DFW before 🤨

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Yup! Check Flightaware! It shocked me to!

Provide a link please? I’m certain I would have spotted it by now…

5Y7163 (GTI7163) Atlas Air Flight Tracking and History 18-Jul-2020 (KDFW-KJFK) - FlightAware Check here!

Never quite seen a pic like the last, well done!

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Wow. I truly love these angles.

I have never seen an Atlas Air Screenshot topic for a looooong time. Thank you for sharing!

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