A quiet morning at Trondheim-Værnas (ENVA)

I must apologise, I had intended to post these a number of days ago but the thought evaded me.

Not too long ago I spent an hour or so at Trondheim-Værnas airport whilst I was passing. I unfortunately do not live close enough to an airport to justify regular spotting so I must admit it isn’t something I have ever dabbled with.

Regardless, I am a photographer by trade so I thought I ought to give it a shot whilst in passing. Feel free to leave any comments as you see fit, though do be kind, I’m no seasoned pro in this particular field.

Norwegian B737-8 off to Oslo.

Wizz Air A321 departing for somewhere in Poland, I can’t quite remember where though I do believe it may have been Krakow.

Widerøe Dash 8-100 which didn’t move in all the time I was there. I assume it was going to a small field in the North but I may be wrong.

I hope these photographs have brought something to your visit to this forum today, and if I do ever come around to spotting once more I will be sure to share any photographs I take again.

Canon EOS 5D Mk. IV
Canon EF 28-300 f/3.5 L
Hoya UV filter
No tripod (poor effort, I know)
A warm flask of tea


The mini Dash 8 100 is so cute!


If you wouldn’t have said this I couldn’t tell the difference. These are honestly amazing!

Great job!

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That is awfully kind of you, thank you.

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I am terribly sorry everybody, I forgot to add any information about my equipment. I have amended my post to include such details.

For just giving it a shot this is remarkable good quality. The WizzAir is also captured in a very dynamic moment, which is always good. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you ever so much.

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Nice photos!

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Always a pleasure to visit such a beautiful country! I shall be back soon no doubt.

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Brilliant photography Declan! Hopefully the tea was Yorkshire 😉 Keep up the great work!

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