A quick thanks to ATC

I’m not a fan of a bunch of touchy feely stuff but I just want to say that I think we should all thank everyone that makes IF so awesome by controlling during the week especially during the FNFs. Today I was approaching JFK after a short 1 hour flight from Charleston as JetBlue 643 in an A320. Anyway, I was cleared for the 4R approach but about 10 miles out I was stuck behind a 737 doing 140 knots. I was worried I would have to execute a missed approach (Which I don’t like to do even in IF) but the Approach controller who I think was @Jeffrey1o2 quickly turned me 10 degrees left and gave me the 4L approach even though I was only about 3 minutes from landing. I’ve tried ATC on training server and I have no idea how these guys vector and move almost 100 planes into the airport. We were landing on the 4s and the 31s so I can’t imagine how to space the airplanes so that it is safe to land on the perpendicular runways. Thanks to everyone controlling during these events!


Agreed! Well done to all controllers during today’s FNF, it was a pleasure!


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