A quick stop n' spot - @ KPHX, February 19th, 2022

Hello everyone! On Saturday, I flew from Denver to Phoenix via Los Angeles. I arrived in Phoenix at around 4 pm, but my last flight wasn’t until 8:30 pm so I decided to head up to the garage to spot. I didn’t regret it but I did get kinda lost on the way. I also was able to meet up with some local spotters that were coincidentally there and it was quite fun. Enjoy the pictures!

Photo 1: Starting this topic with a new airline + aircraft combo in Air Canada’s stunning 737 MAX 8, registered as C-GEHI, a three year-old 737 MAX 8 operating up to Vancouver as “Air Canada 1055”. It’s kinda appropriate as this was the first plane I saw after getting off of my first MAX flight about an hour prior.

Photo 2: Following that is just another American 737. American isn’t too common in Denver but is very common in Phoenix, so I took a nice opportunity to finally get some decent shots of them. This 737 is registered as N301PA, is five years old, and was headed over to Newark as “American 1967”.

Photo 3: After that is a special plane. I wasn’t expecting this but this does get me closer to having seen each of Southwest’s specials. N943WN, or California One, who was also recently refitted with split scimitars, is 12 years old, and was rolling in from Memphis as “Southwest 2610”.

Photo 4: This one is pretty special to me and the simulator. This is of course, Hugh the Manatee, or the new liveried Frontier A320 that’s in the simulator. To me, with this catch, this means that I’ve caught every active Frontier A320 (non NEO) at least once. I find it strange that I didn’t ever see Hugh in Denver but the first time I go to Phoenix I see him. Oh well. Hugh is five years old and was arriving from Las Vegas as “Frontier Flight 2150”.

Photo 5: Following those two specials, I got an absolute treat for me. ABX Air does serve Denver, but the problem is is that they consistiently fly in the early hours of the day and they are incredibly hard to spot. Thankfully, I was able to catch this very nice 767-200F registered as N749AX, who is a whopping 38(!!) years old, and was formerly with Delta as N114DL. N749AX was operating “Abex 3152” from Lakeland, Florida.

Photo 6: After a slight location shift, I was able to spot my first WestJet plane. WestJet hasn’t flown to Denver in almost two years, but in Phoenix, they are pretty common. This one, registered as C-FUSM, who is eight years old and was arriving from Edmonton as “Westjet 1464”.

Photo 7: I just thought this looked nice. This came out nice for me, but maybe not for the passengers on this flight. This Southwest 737-800, registered as N8683D, who is six years old, was also on a six hour delay from Chicago-Midway as “Southwest 1398”.

Photo 8: Up next is a very common aircraft in Phoenix, the American Airlines A320. They aren’t too common in Denver, so it was nice to get a good shot of one. This one, registered as N664AW, and is 20 years old, was headed on the short hop to Albuquerque as “American 2088”.

Photo 9: The penultimate plane I saw was actually pretty special. This is N997NN, who is also five years old, but is wearing AA’s winglet logo experiment. There’s a lot of noted problems with the winglets but I do believe AA should have done a better job with them. N997NN was off to Detroit as “American 1308”.

Photo 10: Closing out the topic and the session was another plane that’s very common here in the desert. This 767-300, registered as N1201P, who is 23 years old, was coming in from Atlanta as “Delta 871”. This has some nice light on it.

Thanks for viewing these photos! I had an awesome time taking them and it was very fun to do something quite fun on a longer layover. It was also great to spot at an airport in February and not be freezing cold, as it was 75 degrees (farenheit) and sunny. I also have plenty of pictures from Denver from this trip, so stay tuned for those. I hope to come back here sometime during the year, since it’s quite nice here except in summer. Thanks, and have an awesome day/afternoon/evening/night!



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Me and you have now spotted at the same spot at the same airport 😍

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Luke moment


Luke > Kamryn
Totally not biased because I’ve met Luke before

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this is in not a respectful way to treat a member of the SL3 gang 😞👎


My bad 😞


congratulations! want a trophy for that?

this is indeed a luke moment

no bias here no no

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Lovely shots! Nice angle, and great lighting.

Always fun to spot liveries that we have in the sim as well.

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I rate this a Boeing/10.
Amazing pictures!!

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Pure joy to admire your shots…

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Thank you! It is interesting to see them when you could have flown them many times in the simulator.

Thanks! I didn’t really realize how much boeing there was until after posting

Thank you!


Absolutely love the shot of the Delta 767

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