A quick question

Hi, just wondering If anyone knows what VA’s have closed in the past?

I know Turkish did. I think this should also go under ‘meta’

I think this should go here, I’m just wanting to know some information.

I know Qatar Virtual is about to close.

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Should I move it to meta?

Live is fine. VAs are to do with live, so…

Hawaiian virtual closed due to copyright restrictions from the actual airline

Emirates is temporarily closed because they needed to train their recruits.

@Thunderbolt Qatar virtual is long closed

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I know that AirBerlin VA closed awhile ago.

If there’s va’s were to reopen would you like that?

It’s a very long commitment and process to get certified to start a VA.

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But I would support you!

What about a air lease VA?

Well my VA that is being certified is National Charter Service, I am assisting with the startup of that.

Make sure to check the IFVARB to see the active ones as well as the reserved ones.

Yes I know.

PM me and I can help you if you’d like.