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After I land and I receive the exit runway that command that tells me to exit runway and contact ground, do I:

  1. Park as soon as I am clear of runways then send my “Request taxi to parking”.
  2. Slowly taxi and request as I move.
    I hope this makes sense.

I don’t think it really matters as long as you aren’t blocking any ground traffic. Just don’t go too fast, I’d stay below 5 kts.

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Stop moving after you pass the hold short line. Then request taxi to parking.


1 you want to get off runway and contact Ground ask for Taxi clearance

Well both of them apply in that box, the question is without clearance to taxi to parking am I allowed to move on the ground?

No pass hold short line and ask for clearance before moving any father

I think, you are supposed to get taxi clearance before passing the hold short line.

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I would say not too far. If you taxi for more than 5-10 seconds ground might contact you. They’d probably be somewhat annoyed that you taxied without permission.


To my knowledge if you are on the runway you are on tower freq, I might be wrong though.


Yes but as soon as you pass the hold short line. you must contact ground.

Right, that makes sense, I normally keep moving but slow and I try and contact ground as soon as I can, however this might not be the right practice.

It’s more about being aware of your surroundings. Personally, I don’t have a problem if you do the latter- you’re going to get the clearance quickly, anyway. It’s a bit of a hassle to stop, wait, move, then stop again in a busy airport with 20 arrivals behind you- I’d rather you keep moving and clear any active exits near you. It does occur in real life as well- they keep moving sometimes (though, I will add, easier and better commitment for them on a solo frequency, but that’s an argument for another time).

People get way too hung up over this. If you’ve ventured across two taxiways without taxi permission, then that’s a problem.


Ok that makes sense, so as long as I am aware of my surroundings and I don’t take any more than a couple of seconds to contact ground I am ok?


Yes. You’d be better than 80% of all the other yahoos who can’t even take the time to clear the hold short, anyway.


Ok thank you and everyone else for their response, mods can close this now because the question has been answered!

@Kevin_Potthast… MaxSez. Here’s the true bottom line Kevin it’s the “Yellow Line that matters”. Suggest you review the Topic “Runway Markings”!
Note the ground yellow marker at the Threshold. Some call it the Hold Short Line. It in fact serves 2 purposes. 1 side of the line is solid yellow, that means do not cross without permission it faces the rway from the Taxiway. The opposite side of the line is saw toothed. That’s saw tooth means you may cross w/o permission if the path ahead is clear. That saw tooth faces away from the runway towards a Taxiway. You’ll find these yellow lines at most Taxiway intersection and exit/entry ramp. On landing exit the runway cross the sawtooth yellow line proceed to the Taxiway intersection. Make your call to ground en-route requesting taxi to parking etc. if you have a solid yellow bar at the intersection, hold short then make the call, hold till cleared, ground watches the Taxiway flow and will clear, hold, giveaway or Taxi. Never taxi w/o permission at anytime. Learn the airport marking system, its a must. Regards, fly safe.

(Yellow Lines in general; Solid- Do not cross w/o permission. Broken may be crossed at any time just like on the hiway)


Ok, that makes sense too, I will be sure to look for the saw tooth before

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Had this trouble a lot. Especially at EGLC.

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