A quick question regarding Dublin airports scenery and the rest of Ireland

Hello guys just wanted to ask, has Dublin airports scenery been updated to the latest so we can have the taxiway back or is it still the same? I would also like to ask about Irelands other airports like waterford and some of the smaller ones. Have any of those been thought on or anything? And ik Belfast int isnt really apart of Ireland but more England has that been thought on or? Thanks


The IFAET is a volunteer organization that works on airports under their own time. They will get to it when they get to it. If you would like to join yourself, visit the topic below

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Ok thank u

I’ve been there today and the taxiway is still “under construction” but I did notice a new like area next to 28L it’s like a building a garage of some sort.

Yeah that’s the only thing I noticed.

Your thinking abt the wrong taxiway then because the one im on abt is open

Oh I thought you meant that one, btw which one do you mean whereabouts in Dublin

This one

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Yeah that one is still “under construction” it’s not in the game
The only that’s new that I noticed is this

That’s just left of 28L

Im sorry to say but i flew out of Dublin abt 3weeks ago and the a321 went right through that taxiway so idk. And when you look of flightradar they go right through it but, when i asked one of the team they said they dont have the full imagery yet.

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Oh ok I understand now.
The one in real life is open but in the game it’s not due to the scenery I understand now. Sorry for confusion.

Np man honest mistake it happens

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